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Ghost Rowers

Verfasst: So 23. Apr 2017, 18:25
von MinneapolisRC
Hi Nick;

I've got the systems up and running at the boathouses and things are going well. One issue that puzzles me though, I ended up with some duplicate club members when I imported an update to our club roster. That's not the issue as I just went in and permanently deleted the duplicate entries (they were slightly different and not exact duplicates, misspelled name, etc...) but... the extra entries are still showing up in the pull down selection lists when you start a session. The names no longer show up in the displayed list of people and when I go into 'admin' and review the list of people, the extra names do not appear. This is only happening in the 'pull downs/look up' lists.

What's going on and how can I fix it?

Other than that, the system is running well and you can list us as having your system in use for our club.

Re: Ghost Rowers

Verfasst: Mo 24. Apr 2017, 17:16
von Stefan Schmidt
Each Entry of a Person has an ID. You can see that , when You export the 'Rowers' List by ticking the Field ID.
By importing: Tik on Import Modus and select the right Modus, which refreshes the existing ones and add new one.
If You import an existing person without the ID to change something then you will get a new Person with the same Name.

Re: Ghost Rowers

Verfasst: Mi 26. Apr 2017, 12:32
von nick
Hi Rob,

when you permanently delete entries (such as persons), those are only marked for deletion (this has some technical reasons). Actual deletion is done through efa's Audit proccess, which runs whenever you open the project (e.g. when you start efa). So please just restart efa, then these "ghost" entries should be gone.


Re: Ghost Rowers

Verfasst: Mi 26. Apr 2017, 17:20
von MinneapolisRC
Thanks. Will do.