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von saarb
Hi, this is Chris Richard with Personal Pitcher, and how is the baseball hit to miss michael kors handbags outlet ratio calculated? So what I think we are talking about here is batting averages. So a batting average is a percentage of hits divided by bats. So you have to know what a hit is. So if you hit the ball you reach the base safely without an infielder making an error, that's considered a hit and you have to divide that by bats. So in at bat, a ball put in play, during one of your plate appearances is considered an at bat. A discount patriots jerseys sacrifice fly, a sacrifice bunt, a walk, an discount cowboys jerseys intentional walk, a hit by pitch, those are not considered at bats. So you have to know what that is so you can divide the hits correctly. So if you reach base safely twice by hitting the ball into the field and you had four at bats, let's say you've got two singles, you grounded it cheap nhl jerseys wholesale out to the shortstop, you ground it out to the second basemen, you'd be two for four. So you got on base via hit 50% of the time and in baseball terms you are batting 500 and that's really simple. It's just knowing what a hit is and knowing when an at bat is and dividing the hits by at bits and that's the hit to miss ratio.