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efa2 - the 10th Update

Verfasst: Sa 24. Jul 2010, 13:34
von efa
Just a moment ago the 10th update of efa2 has been released. Besides several bugfixes and a lot of changes under the hood, this update features some fancy GUI enhancements and further adaptations for canoeing. By now efa2 is already in use by some clubs - besides my own rowing club there are close to 10 other clubs that I know of running efa2.

You can find more information and downloads on the efa2 Homepage.

Re: efa2 - the 10th Update

Verfasst: Mi 29. Okt 2014, 13:35
von zohaa3492
Playing around with efa 2.0 I found in the configuration module a possibility to change the language (tab: "regionale Anpassungen"/"Regional Adaptions"). But this change will only take effect after restart of efa.

Re: efa2 - the 10th Update

Verfasst: Do 13. Nov 2014, 08:12
von nick
Hi Zoha,

yes, the language change becomes effective after a restart of efa (and then remains effective across subsequent restarts). Is there any problem with this?