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choosing a different language in efa 2.0?

Verfasst: Di 10. Jan 2012, 22:42
von skc-andreas
Since efa 2.0 will support several languages, will it be possible to change the language in efa, e.g. in the configuration module or even better in the boathouse version, so the club members can switch to a different language? This would be very nice for clubs near the border with members of different nationality. It is also a nice feature, if you want to translate efa to another language.

As long as this feature is not implemented in efa 2.0, how can I change the language later after installation?

Re: choosing a different language in efa 2.0?

Verfasst: Mi 11. Jan 2012, 00:07
von skc-andreas
Playing around with efa 2.0 I found in the configuration module a possibility to change the language (tab: "regionale Anpassungen"/"Regional Adaptions"). But this change will only take effect after restart of efa.

Re: choosing a different language in efa 2.0?

Verfasst: Mi 11. Jan 2012, 07:42
von nick
Hi Andreas,

... and this also answers your other question: Yes, currently it's not that dynamic, language changes only take effect after a restart of efa. Making them effective immediately would require re-layouting all dialogs, plus changing the Type settings. First would be possible (relatively easy for newly opened dialogs, a bit more tricky for already open ones...), while latter one is really difficult (but probably not that important, either). efa allows users to specify boat types, session types etc. For example, you can change the name of a TRAINING session, or add new session types. However, once you change that (or add new ones), efa has no way of dynamically translating them any more. So for these, a language switch is - well - not easily possible.

I'll think about the first one, though, if this helps. I don't know how many clubs would benefit from it, but probably a few.