can't create reports

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can't create reports

Beitrag von ramisdom » Do 5. Jan 2017, 04:45

May we have instructions for specific reports creation of mileage per person, per shell, breakdown
Of mileage by criteria (name, month, membership classification)?

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Re: can't create reports

Beitrag von iww-martin » Fr 13. Jan 2017, 16:17

Hi ramisdom,

you start "Admin Mode" and click on "Statistics". Click "New" to add a new statistic.

Enter a name for your new report, decide whether the report can be viewed by any user of the log book or just by authorized admninistrators in "Admin Mode". Tick "Statistic publicly available" accordingly.
Enter a date range for the log book entries.

For a first statistic choose Statistic Type "Mileage", Statistics Type "Persons" and Statistiscs Key "Name".
For "Sorting" choose Sorting Criteria "Miles" and Sorting Order "descending".

Save your statistic. It will be shown in the overview list. You can highlight the row and click on "Create Statistic" to show the results. For this example you will see a ranking list of rowers sorted descending by miles and even a bar chart.

You can edit a selected statitistic, change filters, output fields and sorting. And you can choose the appropriate output e.g. whether the report should be shown on the log book screen or if the data should be exported in a csv or xml file to a selected file location.

Creating statistics is very straight forward. I strongly encourage you to start playing around with all the possible options and experience the possibilities...

Please note that you can open any existing statistic, change the name and save it under the new name by clicking the "Save" button in the upper right corner of the window.
This allows you to take a statistic as a starting point, make a copy of it and try out other settings.

How about a ranking list for the boats?

For specific breakdowns try the Statistic Type "Matrix" / Statistics Type "Person" / Statistik Key "Status".
The Statitisk Key values are shown as report columns...

Start to play.

I hope that helps

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