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Beitragvon MinneapolisRC » So 19. Nov 2017, 02:03

Hello Nick;

Now that I have a season of data to play with, I'm experimenting with the Statistics. What is the secret to running a report that lists how many KMs a member rowed in 'Crew 1'. I'm trying to figure out the distance and number of outings that everyone bowed. The best I've been able to do so far is to run a report using 'Logbook' filtered on people and then count the number of times their name is 'bolded'. I'm sure there is a friendlier way to do this but I can't find options for filtering by seat (Crew 1,2,3,4, etc...). Can you point me in the right direction?

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Re: Statistics

Beitragvon nick » Mo 20. Nov 2017, 05:54

Hi Rob,

Hmm, you're the first one asking for this. No, this is indeed not supported at the moment. There's no way to filter by a particular seat. Your approach is the best I can think of (at least in the current version). Instead of counting bold entries by hand, you could create the logbook statistic as a CSV file (select "CSV" as output), then open the created file in a spreadsheet (Excel and co), and let Excel do the counting.

Is this a feasible solution, or do you need to do this for dozens of persons?

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Re: Statistics

Beitragvon iww-martin » Fr 24. Nov 2017, 19:29

Hi Rob,

your request is possibly be a bit misleading...

Are you looking for ...

...the total distance and number of trips per person on seat 1, seat 2, seat N...?
This can actuallly only be done on exported data as Nick proposed.
...the total distance and the number of trips per person, no matter on which seat?
This is possible with the available report features in efa. It gives you for a chosen period the person's name, the total distance, the number of trips and the average distance per trip.

However you can distinguish between the total distance as a rower and the total distance as a coxswain.


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